The sustainable investor for a changing world

Sustainable Multi-Asset strategy

Key features

A sustainable target allocation strategy combining best-in-class and thematic investments

Flexible asset allocation between equities and bonds following a quantamental approach

Diversification across asset classes, regions and sectors

Investment philosophy 

We believe sustainable investment can add superior long-term value by capturing new opportunities in sustainable development.

Such opportunities can be harvested through a multi-asset universe with manager diversification, a focus on valuations and macroeconomic fundamentals, and advanced quantitative techniques.

Investment process

Our Sustainable Multi-Asset strategy follows a disciplined four-step process:

  • Research and idea generation: Combination of fundamental views and quantitative inputs
  • Model portfolio construction: Optimisation process to maximize risk-return characteristics
  • Enhanced model portfolio: Customised tactical asset allocation through specific trades and overlay
  • Final portfolio and execution: Allocation “bricks” among an extensive universe including active funds and passive instruments, both in-house and external

Team and resources

BNP Paribas Asset Management has a long commitment to sustainable investment, and 20+ years’ experience managing multi-asset portfolios.

Our Multi-Asset Target-Allocation team is based in Brussels, Paris and London. It consists of portfolio managers, research analysts, strategists and investment specialists. They benefit from access to our global trading and risk management platform, Sustainability Centre, Quantitative Research Group and Macro Research team.