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Ethical savings


Ethical savings means giving meaning to your savings while seeking to benefit from potentially attractive financial performances. Ethical savings therefore help address the major current and future issues such as social welfare and environmental problems.


Meet your goals by choosing one of our socially responsible funds

Investing in our funds focusing on companies in involved with sustainable development means:

  • aiming for growth in your savings portfolio over the medium to long term
  • benefiting from the growth potential of SRI themes: water, renewable energy, access to healthcare, sustainable real estate, etc.
  • bringing your investments in line with your convictions by favouring companies or countries that are committed to sustainable development.


Our SRI strategies

With our SRI strategies, the first step for our managers is selecting companies that meet ESG* (environmental, social and governance) criteria. The basic rules of good asset management still apply, particularly diversification. That is why we offer you funds that are representative of various asset classes and management techniques.


Favouring diverse, flexible portfolio allocation

Our flexible fund is invested in several asset classes (equity and bonds) with an approach aimed at maintaining a balanced risk profile. With flexible asset management, the manager tailors the fund’s allocation according to their analyses, their expectations and market conditions.

Our selection:

  • BNP Paribas Sustainable Multi-Asset Stability: the fund is mostly made up of bonds and partly of equities. To adapt to market fluctuations, the equity portion may vary within a range of 0% to 50% of the fund. The fund aims to create social and environmental value by investing in governments and companies that meet ESG criteria.


Focusing on a specific theme

Investing in water

Global water consumption is constantly growing due to population growth and longer life expectancy. Water is becoming a key sector with significant potential. Treatment, sanitation, and the construction and maintenance of water supply systems are rapidly growing sectors.

Our selection:

  • BNP Paribas Aqua is managed by a team of environmental specialists and is invested in the shares of international companies whose businesses are related to water. By choosing this type of fund, you are helping increase access to high-quality water for all populations, while protecting the environment.

Investing in responsible food

Environmental challenges concern all sectors of the economy, and especially the food sector, in the broadest sense. Through their manufacturing processes and operating methods, selected food sector companies are already helping to combat food waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save water and manufacture without destroying ecosystems. Others are seeking high-quality products.

BNP Paribas SmartFood: This innovative fund invests in food sector companies around the world that are taking a broad range of actions to help preserve the environment. This includes the use of new generations of energy-efficient farm machinery, biodegradable packaging, organic fertilisers and drip irrigation systems, to name just a few improvements. Among thos companies, the portfolio management team selects 30-40 of the companies in this segment, boasting solid financials and higher-than-average upside potential.

The above-mentioned funds are sub-funds of the BNP PARIBAS L1 SICAV, organised under Luxembourg law in compliance with directive 2009/65/CE

The investments are subject to market fluctuations and the risks inherent in investments in securities. The value of investments and the income they generate may rise or fall and investors may not recover their initial outlay. These funds carry a risk of capital loss. For a complete description and definition of risks, please consult the last available prospectus and KIID for these funds. Before investing in a fund, you should read its most recent prospectus or KIID, available free of charge from our site.

BNP Paribas L1 Sustainable Active stability becomes BNP Paribas Sustainable Multi-Asset Stability from 05/12/2019.

BNP Paribas L1 Smart Food becomes BNP Paribas Smart Food from 18/10/2019.

What is Socially Responsible Investment ?

Socially Responsible Investment applies the concept of sustainable development to financial investments. SRI is a form of investing that, in addition to seeking financial performance, aims to generate added social and/or environmental value.

To reach this goal, SRI asset management incorporates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria into the assessment and selection of securities. For countries, this could refer to policies implemented by their governments. For companies, this could involve policies implemented in terms of human resources, environmentally friendly waste management, etc.