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Laying the groundwork for your retirement or projects


Do you want to plan ahead for your projects—buying a house, preparing for your retirement, saving for your children's education? We adapt our management of your savings to the timelines for these projects and help you to finance them as well as possible.


Bring your projects to life with the Easy Future range of products

Laying the groundwork for your retirement and your projects

Life has many important and expected milestones that we need to prepare for financially. Successfully completing long-term investment projects is a task that currently faces several obstacles, such as the diminishing purchasing power of savings.

To address these constraints, you can now build individual savings.


One date, one investment solution

Our range of eight target-date funds aims to meet your long-term savings needs. Each fund expires at a specific target date, ranging from 2018 to 2043. You can make sure you invest in the fund best-suited to your specific plans and needs.   Investing in a target-date fund allows your capital to grow until you actually need it.

BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2018                         BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2028

BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2021                         BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2033

BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2023                         BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2038

BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2026                         BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future 2043


With BNP Paribas Easy Future you can:

  • Invest at your own pace while taking your deadlines into account;
  • Know the minimum amount of money that can definitely be counted on;
  • Grow your investments over time, although the risk of capital loss is not excluded.


Save at your pace until the target date

At any time, you can grow your savings while making new investments over time. You are free to invest the amounts that you choose as frequently as you wish.

The funds are designed to take the key dates for your projects into account. However, if necessary, you can also recover all or part of your capital before maturity at the net asset value for that day.

(This could be lower than the protected net asset value, meaning there is a risk of capital loss that cannot be measured)

Precise knowledge of the amount that you will have at maturity

Each fund has a formally protected value so that you have precise knowledge of the amount of money that can definitely be counted on. The protected value changes every day. It can only increase, or at worst stand still, over time. As soon as you know the protected value, you can calculate the minimum capital you can count on at maturity: simply multiply the protected value by the number of shares you hold. It is possible for the minimum to be lower than the amount invested.


Asset management designed to grow your capital over time

The BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future range was designed to effectively balance growth potential and capital protection. To give your investments the chance to grow, we invest part of the fund using performance drivers selected and developed by our experts. Largely diversified, these performance drivers generally target investments in risk assets with significant performance potential.

BNP Paribas Plan Easy Future is a range of funds that are sub-funds of BNP Paribas Plan, a SICAV organised under Luxembourg law in compliance with directive 2009/65/CE.

The investments are subject to market fluctuations and the risks inherent in investments in securities. The value of investments and the income they generate may rise or fall and investors may not recover their initial outlay. Although the value at maturity is protected, these funds carry a risk of capital loss that corresponds to the difference between the protected net asset value and the capital invested.
For a complete description and definition of risks, please consult the last available prospectus and KIID for these funds. Before investing in a fund, you should read its most recent prospectus or KIID, available free of charge from our site.