The thematic range

You can now build your portfolio along our themes (such as responsible saving), laying the groundwork for your retirement or your projects. Benefit from high-quality management by professionals who choose markets and securities for you to invest in.

Investing on the major financial markets

Large corporations are internationally known and financial solid, and are often listed on the major stock market indices. We believe that investing in these companies through our funds can be an effective way to grow your savings as these companies grow.

Ethical savings

Ethical savings means giving meaning to your savings while seeking to benefit from potentially attractive financial performances. Ethical savings therefore help address the major current and future issues such as social welfare and environmental problems.

Growing your wealth with diversified investments

With diversified funds, you can access financial markets while spreading your investments across several asset classes and geographic regions. In this way, you reduce the impact of market fluctuations while maintaining an attractive potential performance.

Laying the groundwork for your retirement or projects

Do you want to plan ahead for your projects—buying a house, preparing for your retirement, saving for your children’s education? We adapt our management of your savings to the timelines for these projects and help you to finance them as well as possible.