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Build your wealth with diversified investments

With multi asset funds, you can access the financial markets by allocating your investments across numerous asset classes and regions. This can help to shield your investments from the impact of market movements while retaining attractive return potential.

How you can benefit by selecting diversified funds

The thing about different kinds of financial assets (equities, bonds, etc.) is that they do not evolve in the same way. Financial market performance varies over time and from market to market, so it is difficult to anticipate with any certainty which market, region and sectors to invest in in the coming year.

Investing in diversified funds can thus be an effective means of:

  • Seeking value from your savings over the medium term with reduced risk
  • Benefiting from exposure to a variety of markets (equities, bonds), selected in the context of market conditions, to potentially benefit from market rises while cushioning losses
  • Managing your portfolio in a simple way via a “turnkey” management approach: It is the manager who adapts the composition of your portfolio over time.

Our diversified “turnkey” investment strategies

By selecting a diversified portfolio, you delegate the management of your portfolio to an expert.

Our diversified investment funds are managed in a ‘flexible’ way: The allocation between different asset classes (equities, bonds, etc.) can be varied. The manager continuously adapts it to market conditions so as to make the best possible use of rising trends and limit the effects of falling trends.

A fund invested in European corporate bonds

BNP Paribas Euro Short Term Corporate Bond Opportunities: A high conviction fund offering a flexible allocation between euro-denominated bonds issued by industrial and financial companies rated Investment Grade – high-quality corporate bonds, rated from AAA to BBB by the S&P ratings agency, or Aaa/Baa3 (Moody’s).

A multi-management diversified portfolio

FUNDQUEST Patrimoine: This portfolio is run using what is known as a multi-management approach. That means it comprises a selection of flexible funds managed by top-rate management companies. The flexible approach aims to make the most of rising markets while providing the best possible cushion should markets fall. The multi-management approach enables the selection of the best flexible funds based on quantitative (performance monitoring), qualitative (meeting of target fund managers) and operational (strength of management structures) analysis criteria.

A diversified and flexible fund

BNP Paribas Target Risk Balanced: This dynamic fund invests in equities, bonds and diversification assets such as commodities or real estate. It uses an innovative portfolio management mechanism based on variations in market volatility, designed to achieve an attractive risk/return profile.

A diversified, flexible SRI fund

Generalpart 1 World Sustainable: This fund stands out in the Luxembourg market because of its innovative nature. It offers a turnkey solution that makes it possible to combine:

  • Useful savings through socially responsible investments (SRI)
  • Diversification of savings across a broad, worldwide investment universe, by investing in several asset classes
  • A very flexible approach aimed at adapting the portfolio’s composition to market conditions
  • Access to funds and latest generation trackers that incorporate SRI criteria, thereby combining innovation with attractive pricing.