The sustainable investor for a changing world


What sustainability means to us

At BNP Paribas Asset Management, our aim is to achieve long-term sustainable investment returns for our clients. This means that we integrate sustainable investment practices into the heart of what we do. We want the investments we make to be a driving force for change: for our clients, their beneficiaries and the world we live in.

Because investing means the world to us, we choose to:

  • clearly articulate our approach to sustainability investment, with precise targets and commitments
  • focus on key sustainability issues: energy transition, the environment, equality and inclusive growth
  • invest for the long term, engaging with companies and regulators to promote best practices
  • promote awareness about the role ­finance can play in achieving a sustainable world

We know we can’t achieve this alone. And we also know that sustainable investment is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. The greater the number of investors that adopt this perspective, the faster positive change will happen.
We invite our clients and our peers to join us so that together we can assert our positive influence on the sustainability of long-term investment returns.


Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy and our investment decisions.

A strategy supported by sustainable investments beliefs:

  1. ESG integration helps us achieve better risk-adjusted returns
  2. Our fiduciary duty is aligned with sustainable investment
  3. Stewardship is an opportunity and an obligation
  4. We are long-term, forward-looking investors
  5. A sustainable economic future relies on sustainable investment practices
  6. Walking the talk is critical to achieving excellence

Make a substantive contribution to the low-carbon energy transition.
Improve the environmental impact of our investments.
Promote a more equitable and sustainable distribution of value to ensure long-term stability and resilience of societies and ecosystems.