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Video – Stewardship concerns long-term investment interests

Regional perspectives


Stewardship at BNP Paribas Asset Management is about safeguarding the long-term investment interests of clients, Gabriel Wilson-Otto, head of stewardship Asia Pacific, explains in this video.  

It is about ensuring that the companies we invest in understand the risks they face as well as the risks they cause for others. This is best done by working constructively with companies and regulators to try to improve company performance and shape beneficial policies, he adds.

“If we can get better information, this leads to better decision-making and more accurate pricing of sustainability risks and opportunities,” Wilson-Otto says. This approach can have a particularly meaningful impact with companies that have an ambition to improve and when working together with like-minded institutions.


In Asia Pacific, energy transition-related activities are focused on increasing the use of renewable and sustainable sources of power generation; environmental sustainability on the impact and causes of climate change, while also targeting deforestation and water scarcity.

What forms does stewardship take?

We use proxy voting at annual general meetings, direct engagement with companies and other issuers of securities, and public policy advocacy to change corporate practice. As part of our efforts, we are also working with other institutional investors. We believe that is in the long-term interest of ourselves, our investors and future generations to act to protect social and environmental systems.

BNPP AM believes stewardship and engagement are essential in the shift towards a more sustainable financial system. This means asset managers and investors should aim to create long-term value by considering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects of investing responsibly.

Engaging with companies to convey our views on and concerns over a sustainable future is central to responsible investing. This is how we interpret taking care of long-term value as good stewards.

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